About us

United Human Resources Services (Pvt) Ltd is an SECP registered firm, established as an HR outsourcing and Logistical company. The company has been in operations since 1994 and has its head offices in Karachi, Pakistan and regional offices in Rawalpindi.
UHRS is headed by Mr. Tarranum Khalid Minhas, who holds the Chief Executive Officer profile. The company’s operations are looked after by six member board of directors who give strategic oversight to the management team, deputed to meet UHRS business objectives.

UHRS has a diversified services mix, providing comprehensive human resource, management and logistical related solutions to a number of corporate houses. UHRS enables its customers to outsource the high cost high maintenance functions, thereby reducing their risk and improving bottom lines. By decreasing employer liability, a company can often face the challenge of equally decreasing employee loyalty. However, due to ethical and morally supportive practices adopted by UHRS, this challenge is met by creating a positive, stress free synergy between employer and employee, guided by a fair, effective and highly professional administration. This allows the customers to focus on their core functions, strategic business lines and activities, process improvement, and generating revenue growth and profitability.

UHRS services are being used in nearly all sectors in Pakistan mainly in Aviation, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Construction, Banking and Insurance, Education, and Law Enforcement. UHRS is embarking upon its first international venture in Germany from 2011.

Our Vision

"To be a globally respected and recognized entity; that provides best-in-industry business solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by best-in-class people."

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide world class quality HR services to all our clients irrespective of their size of business and location, through cutting edge solutions and innovative practices and processes, thus resulting in employee satisfaction, higher productivity and improved bottom lines.

To enhance the image, comfort and function of your facilities by providing professional cleaning services using properly trained people, industry leading technology and equipment, and environmentally friendly products. We are in the business of protecting and enhancing your business assets through optimal cleaning services. We pride ourselves on our long term relationships with our customers and our employees. It is our mutual respect for people that has helped us build a strong business with one of the best reputations for high quality work and with the lowest janitorial staff turnover rate in Pakistan.

Our Core Values

The values that drive us towards our Mission and Vision:

Integrity: Conduct business, both internally and externally, in a lawful, ethical and respectful manner

Ownership: Doing the best one can, doing the job in the best way it can be done and being responsible and accountable for it, whatever the circumstances.

Passion: Unbounded enthusiasm, energy and effort

Innovation: Challenging the obvious and creating business impact through new ideas and problem solving

Efficiency: Continuously reducing costs and delivery times & improving quality

Excellence: Deliver the best consistently, exceed expectations; and improve processes and systems to set new benchmarks

Flexibility: Be flexible while in helping out the customers and extending out of the way support for their business needs

Technology: Employing technology to formulate cutting edge, cost effective and efficient business solutions