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Message from the CEO

Dear Existing / Potential Business Partner!
With great pride, I would like to introduce the finesse of decades worth of hardwork, blood and sweat, our dream venture United Human Resource Services (Pvt) Ltd or UHRS for short.


While going through the coming pages, we would like to provide you with a brief intro of our company profile, services and product offerings and client portfolio. The purpose of this presentation is to build an insight into our unique positioning and competitiveness in the industry


About our company

United Human Resources Services (Pvt) Ltd is an SECP registered firm, established as an HR outsourcing and Logistical company. The company has been in operations since 1994 and has its head offices in Karachi, Pakistan and regional offices in Rawalpindi.
UHRS is headed by Mr. Tarranum Khalid Minhas, who holds the Chief Executive Officer profile. The company’s operations are looked after by six member board of directors who give strategic oversight to the management team, deputed to meet UHRS business objectives.


Why Choose us?

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